How Volunteering is better than Travelling

5 minute read

Everyone wants to explore the world, expand their minds and discover new cultures. We learn so much about ourselves and life while experiencing different places. Travelling can help us develop in wonderful ways. However, travelling is not always everything it’s cracked up to be. It can be tough. Having an abundance of free time is fantastic for a week, maybe even two, but boredom and a lack of direction can kick in. After all, you can only do so much sunbathing and swimming, right? Not to mention the potential for loneliness if travelling alone, the expense of paying for every bus, meal and experience, and the days and days of planning the trip. Sounds like a lot? It can be.

Fortunately, you have options, hooray! Volunteering is the perfect alternative to traditional travelling, where you can still explore the world, discover new cultures and have brilliant experiences โ€“ and so much more!


It’s travelling and more

Are you eager to explore exotic places? You’ll still be able to do this whilst volunteering for a worthwhile cause. A lot of your time will be occupied by volunteering activities, but you’ll have plenty of time off to discover the local areas. It is the best of both worlds. When you combine making a positive impact, developing new skills and travelling, you’ll have an experience you can be proud of.


Be part of the culture

Traditional Traveling is like dipping your toe in the water, and volunteering is jumping in for a swim. When visiting a place, you may go to see the tourist sites, eat at restaurants and chat with some locals. Volunteering allows you to go deeper and completely immerse yourself in a place. With programs of up to 12 months, you can live in an area and become part of the culture.


Learning new skills

While travelling, you may learn how to surf. While volunteering, you may learn how to teach languages, organise professional projects and work as a team. These are skills you’ll use for life. By testing your comfort zone, you’ll grow in confidence, develop your people skills and leave with a greater understanding of what you want to do in life!



Volunteer programs are vetted, professionally certified and tested by previous volunteers, so you can be safe in the knowledge you are with a trusted program. You’ll also have 24/7 support from your team. On the other hand, travelling is always different, and there is a higher risk of unexpected things happening.


It’s easy to make friends

Being part of a project means you’ll always have a network of people around you. There’s usually a mix of locals and other volunteers. This gives you a readymade community, many of whom will already know the area, to explore and share the experience with. Together, you’ll create incredible memories.



Employers love to see volunteering on a resume. If you skipped the beach in the Bahamas to volunteer for a project you’re passionate about and learn new skills, this is a massive message about your work ethic. It also demonstrates that you’ve experienced different things, encountered challenges, and are willing to be pushed beyond your comfort zone.


Language practice

Volunteering places you in direct contact with the local people. So wherever your destination is, you’ll have the opportunity to learn and practice a new language. An incredible skill that you can take home with you and use in future roles.


You get to enjoy all seasons

Summer is hot, winter is cold, autumn and spring are unpredictableโ€ฆ all seasons are beautiful in their own way. When you volunteer, you may have an opportunity to go through cold, hot and humid. You will experience the reality of the life of locals throughout the entire year.


You won’t go over budget

Let’s face it: we all want to pay for a luxurious safari tour or Caribbean cruise, but they’re costly! Volunteering is budget-friendly. Accommodation and food are included in the cost. Even after paying the program fee, flights and travel insurance, it will be much more affordable than traditional Traveling.