Outdoor Camp Volunteer

1,150 USD

July or August for 9-10 months

Do you love the great outdoors and are passionate about working with children? We have a fantastic opportunity for you to volunteer at a New Zealand outdoor camp!

As a volunteer, you’ll work alongside our qualified camp instructors to run a range of thrilling activities for groups of 20-30 students at a time. There’s never a dull moment, from archery and rock climbing to abseiling and high ropes. You’ll also have the chance to get your hands wet with raft building and canoeing and explore nature with hiking and orienteering. Volunteers should have a keen interest in the outdoors, a love for mentoring children, and a can-do attitude. They’ll be confident assisting group activities and encouraging kids to join in, working as part of a team to create an unforgettable experience for the campers.

While most of the role involves running activities, 30% of the role includes cleaning, maintenance, cutting grass, day-to-day running, and meal prep. This is an opportunity to make lifelong friends, build new skills, and make a difference in the lives of young people.


Rural locations in Christchurch, Wellington, Wainui and Taihoa.

Work Schedule

Not a typical 9-5, this role requires volunteers’ flexibility as working hours depend on the season. Expect to work approximately 40 hours weekly, with two days off each week and holiday leave.

Age Requirements

Visa requires volunteers to be at least 18 years old at departure. One camp needs volunteers to be over 21 years old due to the nature of their outdoor activities.


Approximately $150 NZ per week.


Outdoor camps are friendly and sociable, with a large international community and lots of teamwork. Connect with other international volunteers, local staff and young people in an exciting outdoor environment while making unforgettable memories and friendships.

Food & Accommodation

Camps provide three meals daily; you’ll usually eat with staff and camp visitors. You will also have access to basic cooking facilities to prepare food in your own time as needed. You will live in shared staff accommodation with a shared bathroom, communal area and kitchen facilities.

School Volunteer

1,650 USD

July for 11 months

Looking for a rewarding volunteering opportunity that combines your love of sports and passion for working with children?

Volunteers have the chance to make a real difference in the lives of young people. We’re looking for mature and responsible individuals with sports experience and an interest in working with children. You’ll work closely with teachers to support activities in the classroom, prepare resources, and mentor and build rapport with students. You’ll also be able to share any specific skills or interests, ideally sports-related, but art and drama are also helpful.

The role is split between boarding house duties and assisting in classes. You’ll be responsible for waking the students, ensuring they’re prepared for the day, are having breakfast, and tidying up the boarding house. In classes, you’ll assist teachers in preparing resources and supporting activities. You’ll also supervise homework and social events and even have the chance to help with after-school clubs.

This is an incredible opportunity to challenge yourself, build new skills, and make a lasting impact on the lives of young people.


Small towns such as Masterton, Dunedin, Nelson, and Marton.

Work Schedule

This role requires volunteers’ flexibility to cater to a residential school’s needs and is different from a typical 9-5. There is a variable rota that includes mornings, evenings and weekends. Expect to work approximately 40 hours weekly with two days off per week plus school holidays.

Age Requirements

Visa requires volunteers to be at least 18 years old at departure. One school needs volunteers to be over 21 years old and have experience working with children.


Approximately $120 NZ per week.


Volunteering at a school means working closely with a diverse team of all ages. You’ll always have at least one fellow volunteer by your side while collaborating with the entire local staff team.

Food & Accommodation

Some placements offer access to a shared kitchen, but mostly volunteers share meals with the team in the dining hall. The schools cater for a wide range of dietary requirements. Volunteers have a room on campus, which could be in the boarding house or a staff flat, and a bathroom shared with other staff members.

Volunteer Experiences

Programme Manager

Supporting volunteer journeys

The New Zealand Programme Manager, Verity, prepares volunteers for their placements and provides ongoing support.

Verity, with 14 years dedicated to youth development, is passionate about international volunteering, facilitating impactful experiences abroad. She cherishes connecting with volunteers, witnessing their growth, and drawing inspiration from their travel tales. Embracing adventure, she’s embarked on multiple “gap years” across Europe, Australia, and Asia, immersing herself in diverse cultures and relishing local cuisines. Lately, she finds solace in camping across the UK’s picturesque landscapes and indulges in hiking adventures in the enchanting Peak District.

Fee Details

Why there’s a fee
New Ventures Worldwide is a UK-registered nonprofit charity. The fee contributes to our operating costs and allows us to continue our mission of arranging volunteering placements for our global network of nonprofit organisations. A financial report is published annually to the UK Charity Commission.


Included in the fee
The fee includes a sponsored visa, a thoroughly vetted placement, an appropriate volunteer role based on age, experience and interests, a placement mentor, preparation guidance, ongoing support and a placement that provides any necessary training, accommodation, food and a spending allowance.


Additional costsย 
In addition to the placement fee, volunteers pay for flights, a visa, and travel insurance, usually costing around $2,500 USD (depending on the departure destination). Volunteers are reimbursed weekly towards their costs during placement, and the reimbursement amount varies.


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What is the enrolment process?

After completing the application form, our team will check if you are eligible for your chosen program before inviting you to a Welcome Video Call. The interview is where you get to know the New Ventures Worldwide team, ask questions and get matched to your perfect program. Various background checks are then conducted before you are officially enrolled in the program.

What are the benefits?

  • See the world while experiencing a new culture
  • Experience personal growth, becoming more confident and independent
  • Make an impact working with international non-profit organisations
  • It looks great on your CV
  • Learn new skills for life
  • Gain perspective and understand what life is all about

Do I need flights and travel insurance?

Yes, you will need to arrange your own flights and travel insurance. Youโ€™ll need to send us your travel insurance policy details before starting a program.

Can a friend and I enrol on the same placement?

Being on a volunteering placement means youโ€™ll always have a network of people around you, including locals and other volunteers. Providing a readymade community with local knowledge to explore, share, and create incredible memories. However, if you want to travel with a friend from home, let us know, and we can usually arrange for you to be on the same placement.

What happens if there is a problem during the placement?

New Ventures Worldwide has a Ladder of Support so you can see who to contact if you need help. Your placement will assist you in almost all situations. However, we also offer background support, mainly if a more serious issue arises.

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