What to do After A-levels

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So, you’ve just received your A-Level results, but maybe they weren’t what you were expecting, maybe you’ve got into Uni but aren’t sure if you’re ready, or maybe you just need a break!


We have some great news for you…



The year after finishing A Levels, a.k.a. The Gap Year, is the best opportunity you’ll ever have to go and see the world.  

You’ll learn things about yourself, about foreign lands, and about life, that you’ll never get a chance to learn again.  

And here’s the really cool thing, all the awesome experiences you’ll have on your gap year actually make you more prepared for starting University next year! 


You’ll be more independent – this means you won’t cry yourself to sleep for the first week of Uni, missing being looked-after at home by Mum & Dad.   


You’ll have far better stories to tell – this means you’ll make more friends at Uni, and quicker. Unless you’re really bad at telling stories, in which case the next point applies to you and you only… 

(You’ll have a whole year to get better at telling stories) – see above.  


You’ll be more confident – you may notice that people who are well-travelled are generally very confident. Why is this? Well, there’s only one way to find out… go travelling.  


You’ll be more knowledgeable – yes, travelling really does broaden the mind, everyone says so, google it!  


You’ll be a more well-rounded person – don’t think we need to explain this one… basically, you’ll just be way cooler than you are right now.  


You’ll be mentally and physically refreshed – unlike those who make the big mistake of going straight from College to Uni, you’ll be mentally ready for more long years of studying, allowing you to be productive and engaged throughout your degree.  


You’ll be confident that you’re making the right choice – We all know University isn’t cheap, so it’s a big decision to make.  If you are sure you want to go after a year out, you can be confident in your choice and will know that you’ll be making the most of it.  


Are you worried about the hassle of organising a gap year?  

With NVW, there is no hassle.  

We organise your whole placement for you, it’ll be fun, productive, and structured. All you have to do is book the flights and apply for your Visa (if needed)! Pretty sure you can handle that, right?  


Are you worried about starting Uni a year later than planned?  

Don’t be!  

If anything you should be worried about starting Uni too soon… 

26,000 UK students drop out of University in their first year because they don’t feel ready for Uni life. 

Think about it, you’ve been stuck in a classroom for the last 15 years! Going straight to Uni can burn you out, and even if you make it through, you won’t be as productive as those who take a year out to see the world and rejuvenate their minds and bodies.  

Those who take a gap year show greater engagement in campus life and are more likely to graduate on time and with higher grade point averages. 


Are you worried that you might not want to go to Uni after taking a gap year?  

Seeing the world gives you a thirst for knowledge. You’ll come back feeling refreshed and focused, ready to embrace the next stage of your life.  

90% of students who take a gap year start Uni the next September. 


Do you want to take a gap year but you think it’s too late?  

With NVW, it’s not too late. 

We get loads of applications from students after they have received their A-Level results, it’s normal. 

So, luckily, you haven’t yet missed the best boat you’ll ever nearly miss, we’re still waiting at the docks ready to welcome you on board!   

Some of our late applicants didn’t get the A-Level results they were hoping for, some of them did get the results but decided they weren’t quite ready for Uni… but ALL of them came to the sensible realisation that now is the most opportune moment for you to get out and see the world! 


Are you wondering whether you can defer your University place? 

Universities love NVW Gap Years.  

You learn a lot on a NVW Gap Year, our placements are not only fun and adventurous but they are also educational and productive.  

You’ll help others become better people, whilst becoming a better person yourself. 

Universities are usually very supportive of you deferring your place if you can prove that you are going to be doing something constructive and worthwhile. This is why lots of our previous applicants have successfully deferred their Uni course.  

If you would like help writing your deferral letter please get in touch and we’ll talk you through it! 


Are you worried about being alone?  

With NVW, you’re never alone.  

Not only are we on hand whenever you need us, but you’ll be travelling with a group of like-minded Gap Year students all looking forward to getting to know each other and excited for months of fun and exploration together! 

And on days when you’re working on an individual job, such as being a Teaching Assistant, we make sure your placements are with friendly, welcoming institutions who will love having you around and will look after you properly.  


How else might a NVW Gap year help you? 

Gap Year placements with NVW are the ultimate ‘Life-Hack’! 

  • You’ll be more employable. Due to the character-building nature of NVW placements, they look great on our CV! 
  • It can help you decide on a career path. Recent research revealed that 60 % of Gap Year Graduates said the experience helped to clarify their career path.  
  • You’ll develop self-confidence, independence, problem-solving skills, team-building skills and interpersonal skills.  
  • You’ll make new friends, experience new cultures, and have an awesome adventure.  


It’s really a no-brainer!  

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to life-hack yourself… we can’t wait to book you in for the best year of your life!