Homeless Shelter Assistant

950 USD

Begins August-September 2023 for 12 months (start dates are flexible)

Do you want an incredibly rewarding experience where you can have a clear and positive impact to people’s lives each day?

Streetlife is a youth work charity providing emergency shelter and support to vulnerable and homeless young people aged 16-25. Volunteers help provide accommodation, food and a safe place to be for the guests of the homeless shelter. Engaging with, supporting and building appropriate relationships with the young people who use the service is a vital part of the role. Other duties include housekeeping, organising food donations and managing events.

Responsibilities include:

  • Engaging with, supporting and building appropriate relationships with the young people who use our service.
    Supporting full time staff.
  • Overnight shifts at the Shelter. (You will be working with another member of staff to work with a group of up to 8 young people to provide over-night emergency accommodation, food and a safe place to be.)
  • Base shifts (Reception, supporting the drop-in sessions, etc.)
  • Helping plan and deliver some of the Development Opportunities that we offer to young people.
  • Ordering anything needed from our suppliers.

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Streetlife is located right in the centre of Blackpool, which is a busy holiday destination with lots going on especially in the summer. The Nightshelter, Base, and volunteer accommodation are all within easy walking distance. Blackpool is on the North-West coast of England and has a big promenade and beach-front.

Work Schedule

Due to the nature of the work, time off during public and bank holidays is not always possible and would have to be negotiated with the other volunteers. Roughly 10 shifts per week is required (one shift is 3-4 hours, and overnight at the shelter counts as two and a half shifts).

Age Requirements

Streetlife requires volunteers to be aged between 21 and 30 years old.


Volunteers will receive weekly monetary payments of £77 towards total expenses incurred in preparation for or in the course of their volunteering.


Volunteers will always have at least one fellow volunteer, so you can support each other, while collaborating with a diverse and multi-generational staff team.

Food & Accomodation

Six bedroomed house within walking distance of both the shelter and the base. Six en-suite rooms, huge kitchen, lounge and a conservatory. The house is owned by a private landlord and any improvements have to be referred to them.  Generally volunteers cook for themselves, and as Blackpool is not overly expensive, feeding yourself and still having money left over isn’t hard.

Fee Details

Why NVW charges a fee
New Ventures Worldwide is a UK-registered nonprofit charity. The fee contributes to our operating costs and allows us to continue our mission of arranging volunteering placements for our global network of nonprofit organisations. A financial report is published annually to the UK Charity Commission.


What’s included in the fee
The fee includes a sponsored Tier 5 visa, a thoroughly vetted placement, an appropriate volunteer role based on age, experience and interests, a placement mentor, any necessary training, preparation guidance, ongoing support, accommodation, food and a spending allowance.


Additional costs 
In addition to the placement fee, volunteers pay for flights, a visa, and travel insurance, usually costing around $2,500 USD (depending on the departure destination). Volunteers are reimbursed weekly towards their costs during placement. The reimbursement amount varies.


Volunteer Experience

Travel Buddies

Being on a volunteering placement means you’ll always have a network of people around you, including locals and other volunteers. Providing a readymade community with local knowledge to explore, share, and create incredible memories. However, if you want to travel with a friend from home, let us know, and we can usually arrange for you to be on the same placement.



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What is the enrollment process?

After completing the application form, our team will check if you are eligible for your chosen program before inviting you to an interview. The interview is where you get to know the New Ventures Worldwide team, ask questions and get matched to your perfect program. Various background checks are then conducted before you are officially enrolled in the program.

Do I need travel insurance?

Yes, you will need travel insurance. You’ll need to send us your policy details before starting a program.

Do I need a local phone and bank account?

You don’t need a local SIM card, and most volunteers find they can get by on just Wi-Fi. However, having a local bank account is essential for some programs as it is how your reimbursement is paid. The New Ventures Worldwide team and guide you through this process.

What happens if there is a problem during the placement?

New Ventures Worldwide has a Ladder of Support so you can see who to contact if you need help. Your placement will assist you in almost all situations. However, we also offer background support, mainly if a more serious issue arises.

Application Form

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Our placements are for those aged 17-29 years old
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