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Volunteer Experiences

The Journey of a Lifetime!

New Ventures Worldwide has a global network of non-profit schools who need volunteers. Discover an exciting new culture while gaining invaluable teaching experience and making a positive impact.

Positive Impact

You’ll be a valued team member with a non-profit school and make a real difference to student’s lives.

Trusted Placements

Our schools are risk assessed and have been tried and tested by previous volunteers.

Brilliant Destinations

Our destinations are chosen for their rich culture and fantastic opportunities!

Full Support

We’re here to guide you every step of the way to ensure you have a fulfilling and safe experience.


You’ll gain a deep understanding of a new culture and become part of the school community.

Live Abroad

You can say you lived in another country with placements of up to a year.

Volunteering at a UK Boarding School

Paula, an 18-year-old from Ecuador, and Lili, a 20-year-old from France, are volunteering at a boarding school in the English countryside for one year. We caught up with them a couple of months into their placement.

Paula expressed her enthusiasm for the varied excursions, saying, “We go on cool fun trips every Saturday, from exploring London to go-karting, visiting Cambridge, and attending a video game expo or the science museum. I also escort kids and assist in the language department, teaching Spanish classes and offering one-on-one lessons to help their language skills.”

Lili highlighted the enjoyable nature of her interactions with the kids, noting their humour and sassiness. “I find joy in helping the kids with their French studies and offering personalised support. The kids are hilarious,” says Lili.

Read the full story to discover their motivations, role and responsibilities, highlights, challenges and overall experience.


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What is the enrolment process?

After completing the application form, our team will check if you are eligible for your chosen program before inviting you to a Welcome Video Call. The interview is where you get to know the New Ventures Worldwide team, ask questions and get matched to your perfect program. Various background checks are then conducted before you are officially enrolled in the program.

What are the benefits?

  • See the world while experiencing a new culture
  • Experience personal growth, becoming more confident and independent
  • Make an impact working with international non-profit organisations
  • It looks great on your CV
  • Learn new skills for life
  • Gain perspective and understand what life is all about

Do I need flights and travel insurance?

Yes, you will need to arrange your own flights and travel insurance. You’ll need to send us your travel insurance policy details before starting a program.

Can a friend and I enrol on the same placement?

Being on a volunteering placement means you’ll always have a network of people around you, including locals and other volunteers. Providing a readymade community with local knowledge to explore, share, and create incredible memories. However, if you want to travel with a friend from home, let us know, and we can usually arrange for you to be on the same placement.

What happens if there is a problem during the placement?

New Ventures Worldwide has a Ladder of Support so you can see who to contact if you need help. Your placement will assist you in almost all situations. However, we also offer background support, mainly if a more serious issue arises.

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