Eco School Teacher

1,650 USD

October 2023 for 9 Months

The program offers Spanish school children, 12-14 years of age, the chance to spend a week immersed in English, with workshops, sports and activities in the company of native level teaching staff. Groups of 50 children come from individual schools, with 2 teachers as chaperones and spend Monday to Friday with us at the Youth Hostel. All activities will be done in English accompanied by our staff at all times. The activities include: NATURE TRAILS, RECYCLING, LEADERSHIP ACTIVITIES, SONG WRITING, ROLE PLAY, SCRAPBOOKING, MAKING VIDEOS, ANIMATION, PHOTOGRAPHY, COMMUNITY ACTIVITIES, SPORTS, MUSIC, DANCE so we need staff with lots of energy and specific skills in any of these areas.

By working in Spain, you will have the opportunity to develop valuable communication, leadership, and organizational skills while immersing yourself in the local culture and language. If you are passionate about education and want to gain hands-on experience while exploring a new culture and language, then this program is for you.


A beautiful countryside location. Address: Albergue de Barria, Bernardo Deuna kalea, Barria, Araba, Spain.

Work Schedule

We will have a team of 6 staff made up of 4 members who will be native level English speakers. Staff are on site by 9am Monday morning and finish by 3pm on the Friday. Weekly hours will be 27 teaching and contact hours, 4 hours supervision and 8 hours planning / feedback time. We would expect everybody to work 2 sessions a day. Our staff are expected to help them practice English at all times. There will be two Programme Directors who speak Spanish, English and Basque. They will be in charge of the overall supervision of the programme.


Age: Visa requires volunteers to be at least 17 years old at the point of application.

Nationality: EU national passport holder.

English Language: Native level.

Qualification: A Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL), which New Ventures Worldwide will help you arrange before you depart. The qualification costs approximately €80 and requires 40 hours of online learning.


€ 1,100 per month.


Working at a language emersion camp means working closely with a diverse team of all ages. Expect to collaborate with the entire staff team.

Food & Accommodation

Three meals per day are provided. We may be able to cater to dietary requirements (doctor´s prescription) but there are no cooking facilities so come prepared for immersion in stock northern Spanish cuisine. We offer full-board accommodation in shared rooms and bathroom.

Click here to see the accommodation and learn more about the area.

Fee Details

Why NVW charges a fee
New Ventures Worldwide is a UK-registered nonprofit charity. The fee contributes to our operating costs and allows us to continue our mission of arranging volunteering placements for our global network of nonprofit organisations. A financial report is published annually to the UK Charity Commission.


What’s included in the fee
The fee includes a sponsored visa, a thoroughly vetted placement, an appropriate volunteer role based on age, experience and interests, a placement mentor, any necessary training, preparation guidance, ongoing support, food and accommodation.


Additional costs 
In addition to the placement fee, volunteers pay for flights, a visa, and travel insurance, usually costing around $2,500 USD (depending on the departure destination). 

Program Manager

Supporting volunteer journeys

The Spain Program Manager, Josh, prepares volunteers for their placements and provides ongoing support.

Originally from London, Josh has worked in Education in Spain for over 30 years, and is passionate about helping young people live their dreams and explore the world. He wishes he had the chance to do a gap year! Josh knows all the placements personally, and is always available to support volunteers during the application and placement period. ¡Hasta Pronto, amigos!


Volunteer Experience

Travel Buddies

Being on a volunteering placement means you’ll always have a network of people around you, including locals and other volunteers. Providing a readymade community with local knowledge to explore, share, and create incredible memories. However, if you want to travel with a friend from home, let us know, and we can usually arrange for you to be on the same placement.



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What is the enrollment process?

After completing the application form, our team will check if you are eligible for your chosen program before inviting you to an interview. The interview is where you get to know the New Ventures Worldwide team, ask questions and get matched to your perfect program. Various background checks are then conducted before you are officially enrolled in the program.

Do I need travel insurance?

Yes, you will need travel insurance. You’ll need to send us your policy details before starting a program.

Do I need a local phone network?

You don’t need a local SIM card, and most volunteers find they can get by on just Wi-Fi. The New Ventures Worldwide team and guide you through this process.

What happens if there is a problem during the placement?

New Ventures Worldwide has a Ladder of Support so you can see who to contact if you need help. Your placement will assist you in almost all situations. However, we also offer background support, mainly if a more serious issue arises.

Application Form

This form takes under 5 minutes to complete. Please provide detailed answers, as it helps the application process. 

Applicant Details

Our placements are for those aged 17-29 years old
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